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    MMO Titanium anode for Hydroxyl Generator

    Description:Product description
    Ruthenium-Iridium-Titanium anode is used in water electrolysis, sewage treatment, caustic potash, cathodic protection, chlor alkali industry, production of chlorine dioxide, chlorate industry, hypochlorite industry, recycling of waste water, production of persulphate, recycling of waste in galvanization plant, electrowinning and sterilization of food appliance.
    1. 6+ years service life in chlorine production industry.
    2. 2 years warranty.
    3.Factory direct price.
    4. 20 years titanium anode production experience.
    5. Japanese advanced technology.
    6.Heraeus imports precious metals
    7. The lastest sintering process.
    8. Support samples.
    1.Free consultation
    2. Customer talking about needs
    3.Product design by technical team
    4.Sending samples for testing
    5. Test success, production of large goods
    6. Communicate usage regularly
    1. Coating Metal: Titanium-based ruthenium-iridium coated electrode.
    2. Current Density: 2000A/m2.
    3. Temperature: <50℃
    4. Salt solution concentration: 3-5%.
    5. Coating Thickness: 6-10 micron.(10g/m2)


    1. Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant used to disinfect and inhibit the growth of algae.

    2. Used for disinfection of drinking water including rural drinking water and urban self-provided water sources.

    3. Used for the treatment of hospital sewage, the discharged sewage can reach the discharge standard after being treated by sodium hypochlorite.

    4. Used for disinfection of tableware and utensils in restaurants, hotels and canteens. Used for disinfection of tea sets, towels, bath towels in hotels, baths, etc. Also suitable for household disinfection of tableware, vegetables, fruits, etc.

    5. For disinfection of swimming pool water.

    6. Sterilization and algae elimination of cooling circulating water in power plants.

    7. Treatment of electroplating wastewater containing cyanide. It can oxidize cyanide to make it non-toxic, making the cyanide content in the discharged wastewater reach the emission standard.
    8. Lower BOD.
    9. In addition to color and odor.
    10. Bleach. Papermaking, printing and dyeing, textile and other industries use sodium hypochlorite as a bleaching solution, and its effect is equivalent to liquid chlorine or bleaching powder.
    Quality Guarantee

    1. Coating Surface: Leo-1530 German Scaqnning Electron Microscope.
    2. Coating Material: XRD-6000 Powder X-ray diffractometer
    3. Bingding Foece Test: 1. Bending Test 2. Adhesive Tape Traction Test
    4. Strengthen Life Test: According to NACE Specification TM0294
    5. Coating Thickness Test: Electron Probe

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