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We are the China’s leading supplier

Electrochemical Industry

GEERWORK METAL MATERIALS is a titanium electrode supplier, its products are widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, textile medicine, environmental protection, sports, marine and other fields, etc.

The main products are titanium-based ruthenium series, iridium series, platinum series and other titanium anodes. After more than 20 years of development, the company has accumulated rich experience in the production of titanium anodes and has the latest production technology. The titanium anodes produced by this technology have stronger metal bonding, can carry higher current density and improve current efficiency.

As a leading supplier of titanium electrodes, Geerwork has experienced rapid growth in the market over the past five years. As an ISO9001 certified and government-nominated "high-tech enterprise", we continue to invest in the research and development of titanium electrode products in the field of water treatment. At present, our products have been sold to the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia and other more than 50 countries and regions. We believe that only a high degree of wholehearted dedication, as well as the unremitting pursuit of high performance products, in order to achieve and meet the quality and customer requirements. With a strict quality assurance system, our products have significant defects of less than 0.1%. So far, our products can be certified by NSF,Rohs." "Create value, show infinity ",Geerwork will continue to focus on the titanium electrode field, build on past achievements, and strive to become a first-class supplier of titanium electrodes.

We can provide thousands of individual products. It is this breadth and variety of products which defines us as one of the world’s major suppliers for engineering materials.

Our core competencies

Production line

GeerWork is equipped with a complete set of production and processing facilities: Production equipment such as Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) machines, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) machines, Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace, Vacuum Sintering Furnace, Vacuum Distillation Furnace, Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace, High Temperature Sintering Furnace, and other furnaces for kinds of metals production. Cold Molding Machines, Vacuum Unwrought Equipment, lathes, grinders, wire cutting machine, and other equipment for materials forming and machining.

Quality Control

We run a strict quality control system and apply different instruments and methods during the manufacturing process, including chemical elements inspection devices, Mechanical Testing equipment, manual ultrasonic detecting instrument/hydro pressure test machine/bore scope facilities/eddy current test machine/hardness test machine/dimension measure and others, which can ensure that every step has been perfectly performed.
GeerWork provides products in accordance with ASTM, ASME, MIL, AMS, DMS, AWS and JIS specifications.

Most competitive prices

At GeerWork, you’ll get your desired products at the most competitive prices. We have established perfect SCM (Supply Chain Management) and LP (Lean Production) systems to reduce costs. We are always in pursuit of high-efficiency mass production and scientific management. Therefore, we are able to ensure you the highest product quality with the lowest prices.