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    platinized titanium anode for Hydrogen generator



    1.Factory direct price.

    2. 20 years titanium anode production experience.

    3. Japanese advanced technology.

    4.Heraeus imports precious metals

    5. The lastest sintering process.


    1. Coating material: Platinum coating

    2. Size: customized

    3. Current density: <500A/m2.

    4. PH: Alkaline water ph:7.5-10, ORP≤250mv. Acidic water ph: 2.5-6.5, ORP≥300mv.

    5. Coating thickness: 3-5 micron

    Quality Guarantee

    1. Coating Surface: Leo-1530 German Scaqnning Electron Microscope.

    2. Coating Material: XRD-6000 Powder X-ray diffractometer
    3. Bingding Foece Test: 1. Bending Test 2. Adhesive Tape Traction Test
    4. Strengthen Life Test: According to NACE Specification TM0294
    5. Coating Thickness Test: Electron Probe

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