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    Titanium anode basket for electroplating



    1.Factory direct price.

    2. 20 years titanium anode production experience.

    3. Japanese advanced technology.

    4.Heraeus imports precious metals

    5. The lastest sintering process.


    1. Size: customized

    2. Coating Material: Titanium-based ruthenium-iridium, Titanium-based iridium-tantalum, Titanium-based platinum

    3. Coathing thickness: 6-10 micron, platinum is 3-5 micron.


    1. Zinc electroplating

    2. Precious metal electroplating(including gold plating, silver plating, palladium plating)

    3. Hard chromium electroplating

    4. Nickel electroplating

    Quality Guarantee

    1. Coating Surface: Leo-1530 German Scaqnning Electron Microscope.

    2. Coating Material: XRD-6000 Powder X-ray diffractometer
    3. Bingding Foece Test: 1. Bending Test 2. Adhesive Tape Traction Test
    4. Strengthen Life Test: According to NACE Specification TM0294
    5. Coating Thickness Test: Electron Probe

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