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    0.8mm Twisted Tungsten Wire For material spray chrome plating


    Product description

    Name vacuum coating heating tungsten wire / stranded tungsten wire / tungsten twisted wire price
    Material Pure tungsten and tungsten alloy
    Surface black, sliver, bright, chemical cleaning or electrolytic polishing
    Application Vacuum Metalizing, Heating Components, Filament, Electric Light Source
    Dimension Range

    Single wire diameter:0.3mm to 1.5mm

    How many tungsten wire twisted together:3-4 wires is popular, 300 wires max.

    How to get a Quotation?

    1.Single tungsten wire's diameter:0.8mm?

    2.How many tungsten wire twisted together:1, 2, 3 or 4 wire?

    3.Application details:?

    4.Is there any others request about performance:?

    5.Details drawing!

    Tungsten has a high melting point, high resistivity, good strength, and low vapor pressure and is suitable for use as a heater.The film material is placed in a heater in a vacuum chamber, and under high vacuum conditions, it is heated by a heater (tungsten twisted wire) to evaporate it.

    When the mean free path of vapor molecules is larger than the linear dimension of the vacuum chamber, the atoms and molecules of the vapor escape from the surface of the evaporation source and are rarely impacted or obstructed by other molecules or atoms.

    Its can be directly reached on the surface of the substrate being plated. The substrate has a lower temperature and condenses into a film.

    Style Description

    The size of twisted tungsten wire can be customized according to customer drawings or requirements.


    • Vacuum Metalizing (picture tubes, mirrors, plastics, metal substrates, ABS, PP materials)
    • Heating Components
    • Filament
    • Electric Light Source

    Advantages of Stranded tungsten wire elements:

    • High melting point
    • high corrosion resistance
    • Good stability
    • Low cost, long service life
    • High rates with low power
    • Repeatability and easy of use.

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