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    tungsten crucible price


    Product description

    Item name tungsten crucible
    Purity 99.95% W
    Working temperature 1800 - 2600 DC
    Delivery time

    10-15 days

    Other Material

    W1,W2,WAL1,WAL2,W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, WMO50,WMO20

    Dimension & Cubage

    According to your needs or drawings


    1.Sintering tungsten crucible Density: 18.0 - 18.5 g/cm3

    2.Forging tungsten crucible Density: 18.5 - 19.0 g/cm3


    1.smelting of rare earth metals

    2.heating elements of induction furnace

    3. solar energy and sapphire.

    Product can be produced according to your drawing.

    Size and Tolerance

    Delivery condition Size(mm) Tolerance(mm)
    Diament(mm) High(mm) Diament(mm) High(mm)
    Sintering 10-500 10-600 ±5 ±5
    Forging 10-130 10-200 ±1 ±2
    Sintering and Mechining 10-450 10-500 ±0.5 ±1


    1. Used for sapphire single crystal growth furnace

    2. Applied for quartz glass melting furnace;

    3. Used for rare earth smelting furnace;

    4. Used for sintering metal molding of high melting point;

    5. Widely used in other following industries: Ceramics and metallurgical industries, machinery processing and light industries.


    1. High density

    2. Good corrosion resistance

    3.The surface roughness of tooled crucibles does not exceed Rz 6.3

    4.The use temperature below 2450ºC in vacuum or deoxidize atmosphere

    5.Manufactured based on customers' requirement

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