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    99.95% pure Tungsten wire


    Product description

    When you need other dimension, just send us the inquiry.


    Diameter, mm Diameter telorance, % Weight ( 200mm ), mg Length min, m
    0.012−0.06 >0.44−10.91 700
    0.06−0.1 >10.91−30.30 400
    0.1−0.15 >30.30−68.18 250
    0.15−0.2 >68.18−121.20 150
    0.2−0.35 >121.20−371.19 100
    0.35−0.7 ±1.5−±2.5 same as 150g
    0.7−1.8 ±1.0−±2.0 same as 200g

    Chemical Composition

    Grade W content, min, % Total impurity elements, max, % Each element, max, %
    W1 99.95 0.05 0.01
    W2 99.92 0.08 0.01


    • High temperature performance

    - According to the specific applications,High temperature property requirements are categorized.

    •Diameter consistency

    - Weight deviation of two consecutive 200mm-wire pieces is less than 0.5% of nominal value.


    - Regular tungsten wire: in accordance with customer’s requirements.

    Straightness tungsten wire: For the tungsten wire thinner than 100μm, vertical height of 500mm freely suspended wire should not be less than 450mm;

    For the tungsten wire at or thicker than 100μm, the maximum arc height between pints with distance of 100mm is 10mm;

    Surface conditions

    - Smooth surface, free of splits, burrs, cracks, dents, dots, grease contamination.


    Tungsten heater element

    Other heater components in semiconductor

    Lamp filament, fluorescent light filament

    Weave gloves and ropes

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